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Arc of Greater New Orleans and Arc Mardi Gras Recycling has been mention in many articles about our bead recycling projects. Click on the links below to read about what we have been doing this past Mardi Gras Season. 

Spring Break in the Big Easy!

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Spring breakers repair Hurricane Katrina aftermath
Volunteers help out the Big Easy – The Rampage On March 23, 2017 Though it has been nearly 12 years since it hit, Hurricane Katrina left such an impact on New Orleans. The city has yet to completely heal and still needs help. ASU has been providing that help through Project Spring Break, which takes a select group of students to New Orleans to help the city as well as have a personal experience of what the city is like. One way they helped this year was by volunteering with the ARC of Greater New Orleans, which is a program dedicated to helping mentally handicapped adults by supplying them with jobs.
Click here to read the complete article.

ATTN : Closed for Easter Holiday

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Arc of Greater New Orleans will be closed on Friday, April 14, 2017. 
We will reopen with normal business hours on Monday, April 17, 2017.  
Questions? Please call us at 504.837.5105

Arc of GNO Health Fair March 31, 2017 from 10 am - 2 pm!

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#NOTSPECIALNEEDS JUST HUMAN NEEDS, a PSA for World Down Syndrome Day humorously redefines what ‘special needs’ are.

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Click here to watch the PSA Video.

Ahead of World Down Syndrome Day on March 21, Italian nonprofit CoorDown has released a PSA that humorously explains why the expression “special needs” doesn’t make much sense.

The two-minute PSA, which already has nearly five million views on Facebook, stars “Glee” actress Lauren Potter. In the video, Potter uses humor to illustrate the point that the needs of people with Down syndome aren’t particularly special - for example, they don’t “need” to eat dinosaur eggs or “need” to be woken up by a celebrity every morning.

Called 'Not Special Needs,' the PSA aims to shine a light on the fact that people with Down syndrome have the same needs as everyone. While they may require extra assistance or help, they still strive to have the same opportunities and experiences as everybody else.

Created by Publicis New York and directed by Wayne McClammy, the PSA will be presented at the 6th World Down Syndrome Day Conference at the United Nations headquarters in New York on March 21.

“The term ‘special needs’ is a euphemistic way to speak about persons with disabilities and their needs,” said Andy Bird, chief creative officer of Publicis New York, in a statement. “The reality is people with Down syndrome do not have different or special needs, although they may sometimes meet those needs in different ways, they have the same needs as all of us… jobs, friends, love and simply the need to be seen and treated equally. We are so proud of this work for our incredible partner CoorDown who does so much great work courageously challenging preconceptions, and we hope our film maybe goes a little way to changing how people view those with Down Syndrome.”

Last year, Saatchi & Saatchi created a PSA for World Down Syndrome Day called “How do you see me?”that starred actress Olivia Wilde.

Ask yourself: what “special needs” does a person with Down syndrome really have? 

Check out to discover a new perspective. 

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Beads for Doughnuts on March 20 & 21!

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Beads for Doughnuts!

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On March 20 & March 21  customers who bring in
12 pounds 
or more of Mardi Gras beads to Krispy Kreme, on 825 Clearview Pkwy, Metairie between 7 am - 10 pm, will be given a dozen original glazed doughnuts or free or a coupon to redeem at a later date.
*Please note, beads will be weighed.

Uber teams up with Arc of Greater New Orleans to collect Mardi Gras Beads and throws.

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If this year is like last, hundreds of Uber riders will be using their smartphone requesting a pick-up for the Saturday. The twist, though, is that the request is not to schedule a ride, but the pick-up of Mardi Gras beads that will be donated to Arc of Greater New Orleans’ Mardi Gras Recycle Center. Donating them will be as easy as tapping an app on your cell phone. And the best part – it’s totally FREE! Uber, the company that connects riders to drivers for easy access around the city, is teaming up with Arc’s Mardi Gras Recycle Center to make donating convenient. The Recycle Center is one of five social enterprises Arc manages, which allows the non-profit to hire people with disabilities and pay minimum wage or higher. The Center depends on donations throughout the year to be successful, and Uber is helping kick to off the 2017 donation cycle by connecting donors via the company’s app and having Uber drivers pick up the donations.

On Saturday March 4, 2017, an Uber driver will come to your house, pick up bags of beads or throws and deliver them directly to a local Arc donation center for free.
Here's how it works. 
1. You will need to bag up the beads you want to donate. 
2. Open the app from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on March 4th. 
3. Slide over to the "recycle" view and hit request.
4. An SUV will pick up your items and drop-off your donation to a local Arc of Greater New Orleans donation center.

*Keep in mind, organizers said, that Uber drivers can't leave vehicles unattended so they ask that you bring your bagged beads out to meet your driver when they arrive

Who Doesn't Love Free King Cake?

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For four days, Feb. 23-26, the liquor brand Crown Royal is hosting a “pop-up party” in downtown New Orleans, outside Harrah’s Casino (corner of Canal and South Peters streets).

The outdoor event will function as a trading post for Mardi Gras staples — drop off beads and you can collect a free Gambino’s king cake on the spot. Organizers plan to have about 1,000 king cakes on hand each day....

Read more about this event at, or click the link below.
Unload your Mardi Gras beads, load up on free king cake at this new downtown event 

Got beads? Throw 'Em to Charity!

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It's Carnival Time in the Big Easy! Everyone is having fun at the parades, watching the bands & the dance teams pass by, dancing to the music, and yelling "throw me something mister!" But what happens to all the beads and trinkets that we catch. Arc of Greater New Orleans has the solution. Got Beads? Throw 'Em to Charity!
We have numerous location throughout the city where you can drop off your unwanted Mardi Gras throws. We accept beads, trinkets, and stuffed animals. Just look for the purple and gold trash bins (or other labeled bins with the Arc logo). Below is a list of our current drop off location.


  • Audubon Zoo & Aquarium
  • LSU Dental School 
  • House of Blues 
  • New Orleans Public Library branches
  • Whole Foods on Broad
  • Whole Foods on Veterans
  • Search Influence
    935 Gravier, Ste. 1300
  • Gulf Coast Bank branches


  • Whole Foods on Magazine
  • Rouses on Airline
  • The Green Project: 
    2831 Marais St,
    New Orleans, LA 70117


  • 925 S. Labarre Rd., Metairie
  • 333 Sala Ave., Westwego
  • 1771 Nasville, New Orleans
  • 3406 Hessmer Ave., Metairie
  • 3700 Jean Laffitte Pkwy., Chalmette
  • 106 E. 25th Ave., Covington 

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